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Smart sleeping mask

How it WORKS !!

Eclipse Sleep Bliss’s main product is a sleek Smart Sleeping Mask designed with comfort in mind, it improves sleep using certain audio frequencies called Binaural Beats a.k.a brainwave entertainment.

“Apart from any serious health conditions, stress and anxiety are the main factors that influence a person’s sleep quality & judging from our modern society it’s no surprise” – Eric Teahan ( founder and CEO )

How it works:

The Binaural Beats function by playing two different sound frequencies in either ear, for example on your left ear you hear 100 hz and on your right you hear 110 hz but your brain perceives a “ghost beat” of 10hz which is the difference between those two frequencies being played and this is known as a binaural beat. 


Our brainwave patterns operate on a similar frequency spectrum as the Binaural Beat which causes our brain to sync up with the audio as its similar to our own (See table below) 

As a result, the brains degree of arousal is reduced, helping to lower stress and anxiety which promotes slower brainwave patterns allowing for better deep sleep and reduced time spent falling asleep. 



The Smart Sleeping Mask connects to an app via Bluetooth and plays binaural Beats through the mask to reduce the brains degree of arousal helping you to drift off and SLEEP BLISS.

The mask also blocks 100% of light which causes your brain to simulate melatonin (a chemical that promotes sleep), it also reduces outside noise as the ears are covered (through passive noise cancellation) and as audio is being played.


Here are some features of our Smart Sleeping Mask