Five Hack to Sleep like an Olympic Athlete Throughout Coronavirus Crisis

To optimize sleep as much as possible, the researcher gives several tips to follow.

Keep Regular Bed and Wake Times

Even if the structure of life will become less regular over the next few days and weeks, Dr. Carrier invites Quebecers to go to sleep at regular hours. This allows your body to regulate its biological clock and thus get used to falling asleep at the same time.

Do Not Consume Stimulants

Coffee, cigarettes and tea should be limited or even avoided, especially before bedtime. They have a stimulating effect on the nervous system which prevents the body from falling asleep.

Engage in Physical Activities

“Even if you are at home, you have to do some kind of physical activity for no less than 30 minutes,” says the researcher. In addition to helping fall asleep and increasing the quality of sleep, doing some sport also helps reduce anxiety. There are many videos or apps available for free online to promote these indoor activities.

Curb Alcohol Consumption

“Often, we think that consuming alcohol will calm us down and help us sleep, but it greatly affects the quality of sleep,” explains Dr. Carrier. Alcohol shifts the phases of sleep which therefore affects the quality and does not allow the body to rest as it should.

Meditating, Reading, or Other Calm Activities Before Sleeping

According to the researcher, all calm activities are also beneficial, such as meditation, reading a story for children or simply setting up a bedtime routine.

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